Professional Photography for Improv Everywhere's MP3 Experiment 13

Featured in the Gallery section of this website are photos from my coverage of 2000-person-plus NYC-based comedy collective, Improv Everywhere's annual event -- the MP3 Experiment (this year being lucky number 13!) on September 24. 

To see the link featured on their site:

Some participant quotes from the event:

This is my sixth one. I never miss it. I love the unity. There’s no racism. No hatred. For forty-seven minutes, I get world peace.
— Heidi Rothstein
It’s a blast for strangers to come together to do something silly. We need more silly in the world.
— Sue Berch
We’re always checking. This is our second time. Last time we came for the Festival of Lights in Prospect Park. It’s a way to meet new people and to come out of your box. It’s about everyone being silly with you.
— Sharmine Hogan and José Torres
It’s just my first time but I love how it’s all sorts of random people here. That’s what it is — It’s spontaneity.
— Kenneth Lay