Mentioned in The Daily Beast

In the story, "How Racist Was Princeton's 'Mexican' Party?", by Amelia Warshaw, reporter for The Daily Beast, she discusses a student-held, "Mexican-themed" party that had little to do with true Mexican culture, thereby rousing existing tensions on the college campus regarding race relations and cultural appropriation.  

I was approached for a statement, as a former member of an urban Latin dance company on campus, and was quoted in the following:

Isabella Gomes, Princeton class of 2016 and former member of Más Flow Dance Company at Princeton, told The Daily Beast that while she appreciates “the dean’s message… it baffles me that this event was allowed to have happened at all.”
“Or maybe it doesn’t,” she added, “that says something about Princeton’s campus culture and where it needs to be… when you have students who are sociology majors, international and public-affairs majors, cultural studies certificate students and beyond participating in events like the party on Monday, it’s hard to see aspects of our campus culture as anything but a mechanism that perpetuates the trivialization and caricaturization of entire cultures.”